Earning an MDI Drama Activity Letter

Students must collect at least 20 points and be at the end of their sophomore year* to earn an activity letter in theatre at MDIHS. In every instance, awarded points are dependent upon good attendance, positive attitude and support of the staff and ensemble.  

After r
eceiving an activity letter, juniors or seniors may earn an Honor Pin after collecting an additional 20 points (>40 points total) and being involved in productions during their junior or senior years.

Seniors may earn the MDI Drama
Honor Thespian distinction after earning an Honor Pin, being involved in MDI Drama productions for at least three years (one of which must be their senior year) and accruing an additional 10 points
(>50 points total)

* Even though freshmen are not eligible to earn an activity letter, they are encouraged to complete the Activity Letter form while the year's involvement is fresh in their minds.

Scroll down to complete the MDI Drama Activity Letter Form

Points will be awarded for the following levels of involvement:

Status determined at director's discretion


Leading role - 8
Supporting role - 5
Walk-on - 2
Ensemble - 3
Dancer - 3
Understudy - 2


Stage manager - 8
Crew Chief -
Stage/running crew - 4
Lighting technician - 6
Lighting crew - 3
Sound technician - 6
Sound crew - 3
Lighting designer - 5
Sound designer - 5
Set designer - 5
Set construction crew - 5
Costumer - 6
Costume crew - 3
Properties manager - 5
Makeup manager - 5
Video editor - 2
Video crew - 3
Rehearsal prompter - 4
Pit orchestra member 6
Higgins-Demas Theater event crew member (light/sound/stage tech, etc.) 1.5


Ushers .5
Program crew .5


Student Tech Director - 16 (full year)
Student director 
- 8
Assistant director - 6
Vocal director - 6
Choreographer - 7
Assistant choreographer - 5
Dance captain - 2


Participation in a theatre festival/competition
as a representative of MDI Drama - 3
Attending a theatre conference as a representative of MDI Drama - 1.5
Attending an MDI Drama performance - .5

Drama fest student tech adviser/facilitator
 - 3
All-Festival Cast/individual judges’ commendation - regional or state level
 - 2
Bravo Award
recipient - 2

Please note:

1) Students will not be considered as having participated if they quit or are removed from a production/activity at any time for any reason.

2) Point collection may begin during the freshman year; however, students must be at least sophomores to receive activity letters and juniors to receive honor pins

3) Students are responsible for submitting their involvement using the online MDI Drama Activity Letter Student Submission Form below.

4) All involvement submitted will be screened and approved by the director of MDI Drama before rewarding of an activity letter.

5) Points may only be earned for involvement in drama at MDIHS.  Transfer students may not apply activities from their previous school(s) to their point total.

MDI Drama Activity Letter Student Submission Form

NOTE: You can only access this form using your MDIRSS Google account -- you must log out of any personal accounts.  

Activity Letter Form