Children of Drancy

2011 Eastern Regional of the Maine Drama Festival
A Montage of Voices

By Inez Hedges

Adapted by Nancy Kindelan
Directed by Casey Rush

Photo by Marti Stone

Regional All Festival Cast Members

• Noelle Reilly
Vanessa Bond
Aidan Pasha
Axis Fuksman-Kumpa
Noah Davis

Special Commendations

• Lighting Design/Light Board Operation - Hannah Dewey

• Scenic Design - Phoebe Dean and Hana Bracale

• Scenic Art - Luke Krebs, Paige Speight and Mea Clark


2011 Maine State Drama Festival - 5th Place

State All Festival Cast Members

• Noelle Reilly
Axis Fuksman-Kumpa
Noah Davis

Special Commendations

• Original Choreography - Vanessa Bond

• Scenic Art - Luke Krebs, Paige Speight and Mea Clark


Drancy Internment Camp, Paris, 1941-1944; ten years later


Vanessa Bond - Dybbuk
Noelle Reilly - The Narrator

The Ensemble of Voices - Peter Grubb,
Destiny Kanu, Alyssa Murad, Aidan Pasha, Noah Davis, Axis Fuksman-Kumpa, Sam Robertson, Max Swann, Emily Butler, Mia Jeannotte, Ashanti Pettaway, Morgan Thurston

Production Staff

Casey Rush - Director
Noelle Reilly, Vanessa Bond - Student Directors
Vanessa Bond - Choreographer
Chris Dougherty - Choreography Advisor
Marilee Marchese, Phoebe Durand, Jannika Brinkmann - Costumes
Hannah Dewey, Chris Dougherty, Frank Bachman, Marilee Marchese, cast - Makeup/hair
Mark Smith, Peter Miller, Jason Robinson - Technical Advisors
Phoebe Dean, Hana Bracale - Scenic Design
Luke Krebs, Paige Speight, Mea Clark - Scenic Art
Hannah Dewey - Stage Manager, Lighting Design, Light Board Operator
Nathan Genrich - Light Tech
Luke Krebs - Slideshow Operator
Francis Snyder - Sound Board Operator
Samantha Robinson - Crew Chief

Construction Crew: Samantha Robinson, Hana Bracale, Hannah Dewey, Lorelei Wehrfritz, Lance Bishop, Kyle Orr, Phoebe Dean, Mea Clark, Luke Krebs, Francis Snyder, Jeb Innes, Jason Goodrich, Nathan Genrich, Aidan Pasha

Special Thanks to Frank Bachman, Jillian Sanner, Marjory Russakoff, Bunky Dow and Kim Rush

Incidental music licensing courtesy of and

The images reproduced on the set are based on the works of George Horan, a Holocaust survivor who recorded in charcoal the horrific events he witnessed at Drancy.


Judges' Comments

Reed Farrar - "Haunting, beautiful..." - "The opening gave me chills - it was so stunning with the music, lighting, projected images and dance." - "...the box car scene was almost too hard to watch."

Tracy Lord - "Powerful material..." "What I liked about this show - polished.  Well-constructed [and] technically strong." - "I was so engrossed in the overall movement of the show." - "Noelle [Reilly - The Narrator] - you had the show balancing on your shoulders - you kept it there - not an easy job."  "Axis [Fuksman-Kumpa] - you have the soulful quality of possessed fervor - so fit the part."

Martin Swinger - "[Visual properties were] excellent - [lighting was] very nice." - "Unified concept...very strong" - "[A] meaningful experience for actors and audience."

Cathy Plourde - "Ensemble - yes, clearly a unit."  "Body/Gesture - controlled work was great - very good command of body/movement/center." "Lovely work with the choreography." 

Susan Gennett - "Best projection and diction from anyone in fest."  "Individual performances very believable" "Dancing was beautiful..."  "Beautiful set."  "Excellent period costumes and hair." "Gorgeous set, awesome costumes, very good story telling."

Patrick Dullea - "Excellent projection and diction." "Good ensemble work." "Loved containment feeling." "Painting is done nicely." "An ambitious and difficult piece to present.  Kudos on your choice.  Instructional and moving."

MDI Drama to Present Holocaust Play as One Act Entry

Mount Desert Island High School Drama’s 2011 entry in the Maine Drama Festival is the holocaust play, Children of Drancy: a Montage of Voices, by Northeastern professor Inez Hedges.  which will be performed Saturday, March 5 at 7:00 p.m. in the Higgins-Demas Theater at MDI High School.  The  40-minute drama, set in the infamous Drancy Internment Camp in Paris from 1941-1944, explores the memories of one woman and the difficulties of the Jewish detainees as they cope with the most challenging and extraordinary events they'll ever face.

"The play was created entirely from letters, archival documents, as well as the poetry and drawings of victims of the arrest and deportation of Jews, including 11,400 children, from French concentration camps to Auschwitz. Most of the victims were deported from Drancy. In all, almost 76,000 were deported. 2,000 children were less than six years old. None of these young children survived. In all, only 2,500 of the deportees ever returned.

"The play is set mainly in 1942, at the height of the deportations, but two long years before liberation. France has found, and continues to find, its own ways of memorializing Drancy, one of the darkest chapters of the “années noires,” or black years. Yet if these events are not to be forgotten by the rest of us, if they are to persist as a “living memory” for us, then the voices of the victims should be allowed to speak once more" (from

MDI Drama veteran and previous Regional All-Festival Cast member Noelle Reilly anchors a young and relatively inexperienced cast. The brooding drama offers a vast departure from last year's Midcoast regional champion, Moliere’s Sganarelle, an absurd renaissance farce that earned MDI Drama numerous awards.  Other cast members include seniors Vanessa Bond, Aidan Pasha, Alyssa Murad, Destiny Kanu and Peter Grubb, and underclassmen Emily Butler, Noah Davis, Axis Fuksman-Kumpa, Mia Jeanotte, Ashanti Pettaway, Sam Robertson, Max Swann, and Morgan Thurston.

The show will also feature an innovative lighting design by MDI Drama senior techie Hannah Dewey.  She has worked with tech director Mark Smith toward creating a black and white palette for the production as part of her senior exhibition, an MDIHS graduation requirement.  Other techies involved in the production are Samantha Robinson, Hana Bracale, Lorelei Wehrfritz, Lance Bishop, Kyle Orr, Phoebe Dean, Mea Clark, Luke Krebs, Francis Snyder, Jeb Innes, Jason Goodrich, Nathan Genrich, Phoebe Durand, and Jannika Brinkmann. 

Donations will be accepted at the door.

Photo by Marti Stone

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