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Is MDIRSS using the Common Core State Standards?

Yes. Maine has adopted the Common Core State Standards as its Maine standards, called the Maine Learning Results, for Math and English Language Arts. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) provide a map to college and career readiness. MDIRSS has selected Foundation, Focus and Graduation Standards from the CCSS for Math and English Language Arts and the CCSS Literacy Anchor Standards for Science, Social Studies and Technical Subjects. This is local control at its best -- MDIRSS has adopted the CCSS because they describe a vision of education that supports students to read, write, problem solve and think critically in all content areas but has focused on those we feel are most critical to college and career readiness.

Has MDIRSS adopted the Next Generation Science Standards?

Yes. The Next Generation Science Standards provide a robust K-12 framework of science and engineering practices, and cross-cutting concepts that are important in all areas of science and specific content standards related to earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. MDIRSS teachers and science partners -- Acadia National Park, Jackson Laboratory, College of the Atlantic, MDIBL -- are exploring the standards and working to develop effective curricula that will support teaching and learning aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Again, we have selected specific standards as our Focus and Graduation Standards in grades 6-12 and aligned curriculum materials to selected units of study in K-5.

What is the difference between learning standards and learning progressions?

Learning Standards describe what we want students to know and be able to do. They are the goal that we have for all students. Learning Progressions describe the learning path to the standards and are tools to measure where students are in their learning and where they need to go next.

What is the Lucy Calkins Writing Program?

Lucy Calkins is the founder of the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City, Her work in the area of reading and writing instruction is known throughout the world. Recently, Lucy and her colleagues created a set of units that grade K-5 teachers can use to implement the writing workshop approach in a way that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. MDIRSS has provided teachers with professional development in this approach and will be supporting implementation through coaching. The units of study are research-based and have been extensively field-tested and are the premier writing program in the country.

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