Newsletter for March 24th, 2017

posted Mar 22, 2017, 10:59 AM by Nancy Sweeney   [ updated Mar 25, 2017, 7:20 AM by Heather Webster ]

March 24, 2017

Welcome Spring!  It is hard to believe the daffodils and crocuses will soon be pushing their way up, but with the days longer and the weather getting warmer, it is true!

The students in grades 6-8 had the opportunity to listen to a holocaust survivor tell her story at the high school on Wednesday.  We were humbled by her story and appreciate her candor in sharing her experiences with us.

Ms. Rosinski is taking two of our eighth grade girls down to Annual Girls' Day in Augusta. Along with about 100 other eighth grade girls from across Maine, our dynamic duo will meet elected Maine leaders, learn the ins and outs of the legislative process and participate in activities led by lobbyists, journalists and volunteer mentors. The day wraps up with a "Girls' Leadership Marketplace" designed to help with networking and involvement in leadership programs.

If you see bug-like creatures making their way up the hallways, please don’t be alarmed.  Mr. Barter and Ms. Sweeney are teaching the kids the fundamentals of coding and programming using these small, but mighty creatures.

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Congratulations to “The Rainbow Aloha Alo’s”, our CES Destination Imagination team who took the top slot, yes first place, at the State of Maine tournament.  We couldn’t be prouder of your hard work, dedication and teamwork.


Miss Mary Lyman is working on a weaving unit with our Kindergartners.  I can’t wait to see the finished products!  This is a fantastic opportunity for our young students to learn a new art medium while practicing their fine motor skills.


Congrats to our MDI Sharks for a great swim season, ending with the JO meet last weekend.  Our CES baseball and softball teams are starting up.  If your child is interested in playing, please contact Brian O’Connell for grades 6-8 and the Acadian Youth Sports program for grades 5 and below.  Spring track for grades 6-8 is right around the corner as well!!!

aa swim.jpg

Upcoming Community Events:

  • The Acadia Family Center is offering Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) classes at the YWCA once/week for $25 on Tuesdays (4:30-6) from April 25th - June 6th.  They will cover understanding your child’s behavior, how to talk/listen to your child, discipline that makes sense and more!  Please contact  Childcare and refreshments offered.

  • The YMCA is offering a babysitting course on April 1st from 10-2 for kids ages 11 and up.  Basic first aid and child care will be taught.  Participants will receive a Child and Babysitting Safety Certification and be added to the roster of qualified babysitters at the YMCA.   Please contact the YMCA for additional information and to sign up (10 maximum).

  • Looking for something to do on March 25th?  Look no further, the first annual Bar Harbor Comic Con festival is being held at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel from 11-6pm.  There will be authors, illustrators, gamers, a tv celeb and a K.I.T.T. replica.  Money raised from this event will go towards the much needed and anticipated Park Street Playground Project.  

  • You are invited to the 1st Annual Pemetic School Literacy Tea Party at the SWH Library on Thursday, April 6 from 4:30-6:00pm.  This exciting event will benefit the SWH Community Playground Fund with tickets $10 each or $25 for a family.

Reports cards will be mailed next week so please be on the lookout.  It is also time for our Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences.   You will soon be contacted about setting up a time to meet with your child’s teachers to get an update on their growth and progress.

Hope you have a fantastic (long) weekend,

Barb Neilly and Heather Webster

2017 Kindergarten Screening

Tuesday through Thursday, April 11, 12, 13

For children entering kindergarten in September 2017.
Children must be five years old by October 15, 2017 and a resident of the Town of Bar Harbor.

Please call (288-3631) or stop into the Conners/Emerson office in the lower building prior to March 24th to fill out a registration packet and to make a screening appointment.

PI Day

Last week was a week full of special holidays, but Mrs. Smallidge introduced Mrs. Monahan’s class to the mathematical “holiday” of Pi Day on 3/14. 2nd graders in Mrs. Monahan’s class learned that the circumference of a circle is the distance around a circle, and the diameter goes across the circle. No matter how BIG or how small a circle is, it ALWAYS takes 3 diameters…and a little bit more... to go around the shape. One of the 2nd graders pointed out that the word pie has two meanings, and she prefers the one you eat! In keeping with that theme, Mrs. Smallidge enjoyed a Whoopie “Pi” that Mrs. Galeaz gave her in honor of Pi Day!  What is YOUR favorite pie?

This Week in Art…

8th Grade students have finished their Still Life drawings from observation. They are on display outside of the library in the glass cases.


Final Week of the
Hancock County Food Drive

Conners Emerson will once again be taking part of the 6th annual Hancock County Food Drive.

It lasts through the month of March. Non-perishable items may be dropped off at school.  

5th grade students have been studying volume using TinkerCad  3D printer software. Students were shown a rectangular prism with a certain volume. From there, they were to create another rectangular prism with the same volume, but different dimensions. Next week we will see how close their volume is to the original volume by filling the boxes with water.

Their next challenge is to create a vehicle. The vehicle has to be within certain dimensions, must move down a ramp using gravity alone, and seat a lego figure. Here is an example of what has been created so far! Dada-dada-dada-dada-dada BATMAN!  

Literary Magazine

Bass  Harbor Memorial Library Art and Nature Camp

July 24-28, 2017    9am-12pm    $25-$100 sliding fee

Ages 7 to 11

Simple Gifts

In this era of high-tech gizmos, it’s refreshing to take a breath, get quiet, and notice the simple gifts that nature has to offer: a tide-worn stone, a twisted twig. The most satisfying presents to give and receive are those from hand and heart.  Even the most ordinary household materials can become cherished objects when we shape them with love and imagination.

With the guidance of guest artists, campers will make gifts for their friends or families, complete with boxes, wrap, or bows. Camp fee is by sliding scale $25 to $100 and runs from Monday July 24 to Friday July 28, 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.   Art  Show and Closing Celebration will be July 28, 6:30 P.M.

You may register online at or contact the Bass Harbor Memorial Library at 207-244-3798,, or Kathie Pratt, Camp Director, 244-0558

Destination Imagination
Members of the Rainbow Aloha Alo's Destination Imagination Team came in first place in the Destination Imagination State Tournament at UMaine in Orono on Saturday, March 18. 

On Monday, Ms. Neilly congratulated them on their win for the challenge, "Show and Tech."  She also presented them with certificates,  pins, and blue ribbons and a trophy.

Pictured with Ms. Neilly are, Mme. Millar ( Team Manager), and team members,  Fiona, Svatava, Calie, Amelia, and, Quentin.  Not pictured are team members, Zoe and Mai and the other Team Manager, Ms. Rosinski.

Kindergarten Visitors
Olive's  father visited Miss Pickers'  kindergarten class on Tuesday, March 21 to talk about his work as a boat builder. 
He showed students a video on boat building and set up a station for them to shave wood using a hand planer.  Students also had the opportunity to look at some of Andrew's designs for boats.

This is part of a kindergarten career unit in weekly Guidance Classes.

Kindergarten parents who are interested in speaking to their child's class about their work may contact Ms. Rosinski at: