Welcome to the Arts Week Website!

Arts Week at Tremont School is a joyful, spirited week full of great excitement, eager exploration and creative learning. This week provides diverse and indepth opportunities for our students to participate in and celebrate the arts through a variety of visual and/or performance experiences. Bringing professional artists to our school to share their love of the arts through hands-on learning, provides opportunities that might not otherwise be experienced by many of our students, in or out of school. It's intention is to help our students access their creativity and recognize the value of connecting learning with the arts.

Visiting artists are invited to the school to work with groups of students on projects in the visual or performing arts. The artists, working alongside our students, often share new art forms, providing examples and historical background, depending on the techniques being introduced. Students are guided through a learning process which provides them with the opportunity to explore the art form more in depth. Often the sessions with the visiting artist are scheduled in 60 or 80 minute blocks (longer than our traditional art class periods) providing extra time for the students to immerse themselves in the art experience, either as part of a performance, or through creation of their own artwork. Student work is frequently displayed or proudly paraded through the halls or shared through a performance or demonstration as appropriate. Family and community members are invited to performances and to our annual spring art show which often showcases pieces created during Arts week.

Arts Week is funded by the Tremont School Fund, established over 25 years ago to fund projects at Tremont Consolidated School. It was founded by parents and friends who had the foresight to see the importance of a well-rounded education for our children. The week is planned by the Tremont School Arts Week Committee.