Friday, May 24, 2019


As a graduation requirement, all seniors must design and produce a Senior Exhibition to demonstrate knowledge about an area of their choice.  Seniors will either take an eighteen-week every-other-day Senior Exhibition Seminar or enroll in a course designated as providing support for Senior Exhibition.  (Students must receive prior approval from the teacher.)

Why Senior Exhibitions?

Senior Exhibitions:
  • Are appropriate for all students
  • Focus on public sharing and celebration of new learning
  • Demand a level of creativity, rigor, and student investment
  • Integrate content knowledge
  • Promote both depth of learning and student choice
  • Promote community involvement with and support for learning
What is the audience for the Exhibition?

The audience for Senior Exhibitions will be:
  • Parents
  • Mentors
  • Faculty
  • Other students
  • Community members
How are Senior Exhibitions assessed?

Senior Exhibitions will be assessed:
  • By a review panel, made up of a community member, teacher(s), and student(s)
  • By determining whether or not students demonstrate new learning, critical reflection, and effective communication
Senior Exhibition Handbook: View  

Senior Exhibition Schedule

Senior Exhibition Rubric
(Juniors please view)