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In Kindergarten We are Apple Pros! Donate today!

My students need 2 iPad Pros with associated, durable cases for safety!

Our students come from a multitude of backgrounds including home life, academic levels and interests. Our school is one of 12 elementary schools in the district and is not one which receives Title One Services. Therefore, I am always looking for other opportunities that will benefit current and future students.

I teach in a classroom of approximately 20 Kindergartners, most who come to me "techno savvy." However, I often have students in my classroom who benefit from the use of visual learning and thrive by working with peer mentors.

My students always enjoy teaching their friends the skills they use to complete their work. That is because they learn that there are many different ways in which we all learn best.

My Project

My awesome group of kindergartners learn by touching, seeing, and doing. They are growing up in a technological age and many of them have varied access to technology at home. We want to be able to use the iPad Pros in our Kindergarten Classroom to leverage them for learning in all areas.

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning; but for children, play IS serious learning!" - Fred Rogers

The addition of these iPads will allow us to use apps like GetEpic for reading rich and wonderful content. We can also use the built-in camera feature for reading to ourselves and checking for fluency! We cannot wait to get these iPads, and get fun learning to go!

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Mrs. Mattia