PTO Clubs/Programs

Throughout the academic year volunteers organize before and after school activities which appeal to different audiences. Below is a peek at activities traditionally offered by the PTO. Registration is required and fees are charged to cover the cost of the activity. If you would like to start a new club or program please contact us!


Lego League and Jr. Lego League

LEGO League is offered in two grade-level categories – First Lego League (FLL) which is for 4th to 5th grade, and J. Lego League which is for K-3rd grade. Students will design robots through teamwork, using LEGOs and computers. Programs run from September - December (older teams can last year-long). 

Club Coordinators -  First Lego League Coordinator 
Falguni Vashi and Sivani Pavvala

                                 Jr Lego League Coordinator Falguni Vashi and Sivani Pavvala

Please contact with any questions.

Destination Imagination (DI)

Destination Imagination is offered to Grades 1-5. Creative teams interpret challenges through art, drama, music in competitions vs. other school teams. Program runs from October – May.

Club Coordinator: Rucha Baxi

Battle of the Books & Battle of the Books Jr

Battle of the Books is offered to Grades 3-5 book lovers. Battle of the Books Jr. is offered for Grade 2 students. Small groups read 7-10 books & prepare for exciting trivia competitions against other local schools through weekly meetings. Program runs from December – April.

Club Coordinator - Battle of the Books Latha Dasari

Club Coordinator - Battle of the Books Jr. - Sridevi Srirangan

Continental Math - Invitation only.

Continental Math is offered to select students in Grades 2-4. More information will be sent to students who meet the club requirements.


Dance Club - October/November

For the 2nd year -  MDES PTO will offer a 4-week, 4-session dance program to all MDES students run by Showcase Performing Arts Center

Karate Club - November/December

For the 3rd year - MDES PTO will offer a 4-week, 4-session karate program to all MDES students run by Tokyo Joe's 

Ski Club

Ski Club is offered to all MDES students and families, who receive discounted rates to Pat’s Peak on Fridays in mid-February-March. 

Club Coordinator: Susan Murphy -