San Ramon Marriott
2600 Bishop Drive
San Ramon  CA  94583

Thank you for Joining Us at PACIFICON 2018!

See You Next Year at PACIFICON 2019

October 18 - 20, 2019

Same Location

See the below videos now available about Pacificon 2018:

* Randy Hall’s “Sights and Sounds from Pacificon 2018 for Ham Nation(YouTube, 0:4:38)

* Randy Hall’s “Jeri Ellsworth, AI6TK, Keynote speaker at Pacificon 2018(YouTube, 1:20:01)
(The entire presentation. A great talk. Well worth the time.)

* Jonathan Naylor's, G4KLX, Jeri Ellsworth, AI6TK, Keynote speaker at Pacificon 2018(YouTube, 1:19:18)
(The same presentation as Randy's above, but from a different angle & with her slides embedded.)

* “Ham Nation's Pacificon 2018 Recap(, 1:08:10)
(See especially Gordon West"s "Short Shots" at 0:07:40)


Below and the other pages of this web site will be preserved for your review of PACIFICON 2018

until we launch the Pacificon 2019 web site.

Friday through Sunday
Oct. 19-21, 2018

Our Theme: Sounds Like Fun

 Pacificon gives you three great days of activities for one low cost:
* A full slate of outstanding Forum
presentations about a wide range of amateur radio topics
* A large Vendor Expo filled with exciting products and exhibits
* An outdoor Swap Meet
* QRP activities
* Youth Activities
* Electronics kit building and soldering instruction
* A One Day License Prep Class to prepare you to pass the amateur radio Technician license examination and get your first amateur radio license
* Two days of License Testing
* A Special Events Station where you can operate and contact other hams worldwide, even if you don't have a General or Extra Class license
* A wonderful Banquet with Keynote Speaker Jeri Ellsworth, AI6TK
* Our annual Wouff Hong Initiation ceremony
* A chance to hear about and discuss important national amateur radio issues with top ARRL leaders
* A chance to win radios and other great prizes throughout the convention

And perhaps the best part -
a chance to interact and share information with lots of other amateur radio enthusiasts to further (or begin) your own knowledge and to advance the hobby.
Pacificon Announcements

For the First Time at Pacificon! We are hosting our first ever Digital Academy.

The Forums Schedule has had another round of revisions. So check it again. We've even added some on Sunday.

The Non-Profit Exhibitor list has been updated.

The times for the Antenna Seminar presentations have been revised to conform with the times for other presentations for the weekend. See the Antenna Seminar page for the updates.

Some significant revisions and updates have been made to our Forum Schedule.

Also, we've added a new page with our forum Speaker Abstracts and Biographies.

The Forum Schedule has been updated with information on presentations by Bob Heil and Jonathan Naylor. Bob Heil's page has been updated as well. Check 'em out.

A presentation schedule has been added to the Antenna Seminar page, in addition to the already existing speaker abstracts and bios. Take a look and see when your favorite topic or speaker is scheduled.

We have Winners!! We held a drawing as an incentive to register early, by September 4. We have two Winners! Congratulations to David McQueen KK0M and Jim Thielemann K6SV! David and Jim have won their choice of $25 in Prize tickets or a refund of their $25 registration fee.

The East Bay Section page has been updated with what's happening there. It's open to everyone. come see what's happening.

The Forum Schedule is now on-line! The Weekend Overview Schedule has also been updated. Check them out and see who coming to present.

A new Non-Profit Exhibitors List has now been added to the web site. Take a look and see who will be there.

The kits on the Kit Building page have been updated with this year's kits. Check it out and plan to brush up on your soldering skills.

This year we also have a one-page flyer in addition to our brochure, for those situations when a single page is better. Download one or both on our Brochure page.

The Pacificon Digital Dinner has a new location this year: Clementine's; just across I-680 from the Marriott. See our Digital Dinner page for details.

A new introductory video is now available at the bottom of the home page; prepared by none other than Randy Hall, K7AGE. Check it out; and Thank You, Randy!

The Hotel Layout page has been redrawn to make it more clear and to add details. Take a look at it here.

A partial list of topics and speakers is now available on our Antenna Seminar page. Check them out.

A partial list of vendors is now on the web site. Check it out on our Vendors List page. More vendors will be added to the list when they're confirmed, so keeping checking back.

Customized Pacificon 2018 T-Shirts are now available to order!
See our T-Shirts page for details and a link to order.

Our Brochure page has been updated with the current 2018 brochure. go to Brochure page, down load the PDF and hand out copies.

The Pacificon 2018 web site is live!
Registrations are open. Order your attenda
nce badges, banquet tickets and more now. Don't forget to reserve your hotel room.

We still have a lot of information and web pages to post. We'll get them up just as soon as we can.  So keep checking back.

Among those pages yet to come are (not a complete list):
* Forum schedule
* Exhibit Hall layout diagram.
* Vendor list.
* Non-Profit Exhibitor list.
* Customized Pacificon T-shirts from Hip-Ham Shirts


Our Forum Speaker roster is filled. Thank you!

PACIFICON is looking for qualified people to give presentations at our next conference. Just a few of the topics we're looking for include tuning duplexers, coax termination, configuring certain handheld radios, fundamentals of radio technology, antennas, public service, emergency response, digital communications, maker kits and just about any other subject of interest to hams.

If you are interested in presenting at PACIFICON, please go to our
Speakers Proposals page
to complete the speaker application

and THANK You!

Volunteer at PACIFICON

Volunteers make all the difference at Pacificon.
We need your help in all areas to make Pacificon the best conference possible. Whether it be registration, security, the talk-in station, forums or any of the many other events, we can use your help. Even just a couple of hours will be appreciated. We also need volunteers to help plan and prepare for the Big Weekend. Go to our Volunteers registration page

Courtesy of Randy Hall, K7AGE
Thank you, Randy!

PACIFICON 2018 Introductory Video

Pacificon 2018 T-Shirts are Available!

Hip-Ham Shirts will again offer customized Pacificon T-shirts.
See our T-Shirts page for details and a link to order.

A few shirts will be made available at the show for purchase at the Hip Ham Shirts booth,
but they sell out quickly. Order on-line now and get free delivery at Pacificon.

Most of the images on this web site are provided by MDARC's photographer extraordinaire,
Pete Harris, KE6ZIW. Thank you, Pete!


Pacificon 2018

is the ARRL Pacific Division
Annual Conference
presented by the
Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club.