Below are the vendors that will be at Pacificon 2018.  As you can see, they're among the best in the business.
To see a floor plan showing their location, go to our Exhibit Space Layout page.

To see a list of Non-Profit Exhibitors, see the Non-Profit Exhibitor List.

A downloadable PDF version of this list is available here.
(Note: in full size, it's formatted to print on 11" x 17" paper.)
We will have printed schedules for pick-up at Registration and Will-Call

  • American Radio Relay League (ARRL)     Contra Costa Ballroom, Booths #10 & #11
         The National Association for amateur radio.

  • AlexLoop Antennas                                Bishop Ranch Hallway, Table #T-18
         Truly portable and effective magnetic loop HF antennas.

  • ARLAN Communications / Radiosport Headsets     Contra Costa Ballroom, Booths #8 & #9
        The ultimate in headsets for ham radio.

  • Aventrade                           Bishop Ranch Hallway, Vendor Table #T-1
            Battery and power supply distributors.

  • Bioenno Power                                Bishop Ranch Hallway, Table #T-19
    he best Lithium technology has to offer from the experts with the most comprehensive application compatibility on the market.

  • Buddipole                                          Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #45, #46, #47
            HF portable antenna system.

  • Compudigital Industries      
         Designers of Kenwood TS Series upgrade kits.

  • Connect Systems Inc.                 Contra Costa Ballroom, Booth #1
         Digital radios and other products solidly based upon a reputation of value, service and longevity.

  • Elecraft                                                     Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #35 , #36, #37, #38
         Dedicated to hands-on ham radio. Unique, high-performance transceivers and accessories in both factory assembled and as kits you can build yourself.

  • Elk Antennas                                            Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booth #24
    The best log periodic antennas with the best gain, directivity, and front-to-back ratio possible for the size and price.

  • Expert Linears America, LLC             Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #22 & #23
         The most technologically advanced Linear Amps in the world!

  • Fast Track Learning Systems                               Bishop Ranch Hallway
         The Fast Track to your Ham Radio Licenses. The Fast Track programs teach you to pass the exams and think like a ham.

  • FlexRadio Systems                                Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #19, #20, #21
    The leader in innovative software defined radio (SDR) solutions for ham operators worldwide.

  • Ham Radio Outlet (HRO)                 Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #30, #31, #32
    A family owned business with 13 stores throughout the U.S., as well as on the Internet, making it the largest Ham Radio dealership in the world.

  • Hip Ham Shirts                                  Bishop Ranch Hallway, Vendor Table #T-16
          Bringing you the best in ham radio apparel.

  • HRD Software LLC DBA Ham Radio Deluxe     Contra Costa Ballroom-Salon 1, Booth #14
         Integrated Software for Logging, Rig Control, Digital Modes, Satellite

  • Icom America                                     Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #26, #27
        Icom’s solid experience in amateur radio technology spans decades and is reflected in its quality selection of HF, handheld and mobile models.

  • Impulse Electronics                             Contra Costa Ballroom-Salon 1, Booths #4, #5
         The best value in electronic Connections & Power Sources.

  • Lido Radio Products                        Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booth #43
         No holes mounting solutions for almost any radio.

  • MMDVM (Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM)     Contra Costa Ballroom-Salon 1: Booth #14B

  • NCG/Comet Antennas                        Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #40, #41
         Compact, multi-band mobile & HT antennas; universal mounting brackets; duplexers and triplexers.

  • Next Generation Antennas (N6BT.Com)  Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booth #25
         Founder of Force 12, Inc. N6BT makes the best; others make comparisons.

  • Portable Rotation                             Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booth #42
         Portable antenna rotor and support systems.

  • Powerwerx                                                Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #33 & #34
        Offering the largest selection of Wouxun Radios and Anderson Power pole connectors. We also offer a variety of 12V power supplies and crimp tools.

  • Premier Designs Jewelry with Dawn Biocca  Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booth #39
         Premier Designs is sold exclusively by Independent Jewelers throughout the U.S

  • QR Zed Engravers                                                           Bishop Ranch Hallway, Vendor Table #T-2
        Name Tags, License Plate Frames, Custom Signs, Military Tags, Pet Tags, Key Chains, Brass Plaques, Desk Signs, and anything else you might imagine.

  • QRP Works     Contra Costa Ballroom-Salon 1, Booth #2
         Essential Ham Radio Accessories for portable and home shack operations

  • RemoteTx        Bishop Ranch Hallway - Vendor Table T-17
    The RemoteTx™ ham radio remote control system is an economical way to control your amateur radio station through the Internet.

  • RT Systems                                          Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booth #44
        Radio programming made easy.

  • Stenbock Enterprises LLC, dba PreciseRF     Contra Costa Ballroom, Booths #6, #7
         Precision ham radio measurements.

  • SteppIR Antennas                                 Contra Costa Ballroom-Salon 1, Booths #12, #13
         Performance Yagi and Vertical Antennas.

  • UC Santa Cruz                                   Bishop Ranch Hallway, Vendor Table #T-3
         Ed Fong, WB6IQN, designer of numerous ham antennas in a variety of bands.

  • Ventenna                         Contra Costa Ballroom, Booth #3
         Antennas that look like they belong there.

  • Western Case Company                      Bishop Ranch Hallway - Booth #15
         High quality, fitted Codura Nylon carrying cases for all types of cell phones, handheld radios, GPS’s, firearms and other accessories.

  • Wired Communications                        Bishop Ranch Hallway, Tables #T-4 to T-9
    romising you quality cables, connectors, and adapters at bargain prices with prompt and friendly support each with a full one year warranty.

  • Yaesu                                                                Bishop Ranch Ballroom, Booths #28 , #29
    The Yaesu brand is well known among ham radio aficionados and is synonymous with premium quality ham radios.