Friday Night; 7:00-10:00 PM:  How the Norcal 40 Transceiver Came To Be
 Saturday Night; 7:00-10:00 PM:  Raspberry Pi WSPR Party

We have plenty of fun planned for the QRP Open House at Pacificon this year. 

Friday night, Wayne Burdick, N6KR and Doug Hendricks, KI6DS will tell us the history of how the Norcal 40 Transceiver came to be.  Wayne was the designer, and Doug was the co-founder of Norcal, along with Jim Cates, WA6GER (SK).  We will have a special cake to share to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this classic rig, which among other things, was the reason that Wayne, and Eric Swartz met and Elecraft was the result.  Doug and Wayne will give you the history of the rig, and how it changed the history of qrp.  We would also like to encourage everyone to bring their Norcal 40 to the event to share in a group anniversary picture.

Saturday night, we will have another of a long line of fun QRP operating events that have become a staple of Pacificon.  This year we will have a Raspberry Pi WSPR party.  Each participant will bring his own Raspberry Pi and a 32GB micro-SD card that has been loaded with raspian and the software from TAPR to run WSPR Pi.  The link for the software is https://www.tapr.org/kits_20M-wspr-pi.html scroll down and click on 20M WSPR-Pi (QRPi) software installation guide for different HAM TX modes  Down load the pdf and follow the instructions.

The night of the contest, you will bring your Raspberry Pi, loaded micro-SD card and the 20 meter antenna of your choice.  We will start the event at 7:00PM.  At that time, we will hand out WSPR transmitters that have been pre-built and tested.  Thanks to QRPGuys at QRPGuys.com for supporting this event.  The contest is to have all entrants start setting up at the same time.  We will allow 1 hour from the time we say go, until the contest is over.  The winner will be the one who has the most contact reports.  The supplied transmitter will have a standard BNC connector.

Please send an email to Doug Hendricks, KI6DS at ki6ds1@gmail.com if you plan to participate.  This will be a great opportunity for all of us to try a mode that is definitely fun.   

We are looking forward to seeing you there.  If you have questions, please contact the Pacificon QRP Chairman, Doug Hendricks.

The email address is: ki6ds1@gmail.com