Announcements and Updates

The Pacificon Digital Dinner has a new location this year: Clementine's; just across I-680 from the Marriott. See our Digital Dinner page for details.

A new introductory video is now available at the bottom of the home page; prepared by none other than Randy Hall, K7AGE. Check it out; and Thank You, Randy!

The Hotel Layout page has been redrawn to make it more clear and to add details. Take a look at it here.

A partial list of topics and speakers is now available on our Antenna Seminar page. Check them out.

A partial list of vendors is now on the web site. Check it out on our Vendors List page. More vendors will be added to the list when they're confirmed, so keeping checking back.

Customized Pacificon 2018 T-Shirts are now available to order!
See our T-Shirts page for details and a link to order.

Our Brochure page has been updated with the current 2018 brochure. go to Brochure page, down load the PDF and hand out copies.

The Pacificon 2018 web site is live!
Registrations are open. Order your attenda
nce badges, banquet tickets and more now. Don't forget to reserve your hotel room.

We still have a lot of information and web pages to post. We'll get them up just as soon as we can.  So keep checking back.

Among those pages yet to come are (not a complete list):
* Forum schedule
* Exhibit Hall layout diagram.
* Vendor list.
* Non-Profit Exhibitor list.
* Customized Pacificon T-shirts from Hip-Ham Shirts