Pacificon 2017

Special Event Station


Sponsored by the
Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association (PAARA)

A Special Event Station will be on the air from Pacificon!  Sign up to operate one of the HF or VHF stations at the Information Table outside the operating tents.   If you're not attending Pacificon, look for us on the air!

The Special Event Station will operate
12 Noon Friday until 12 Noon Sunday

Operating frequencies are as follows (+/- QRM):
  • HF CW: 3.550 MHz, 7.0 50 M Hz, 14.050 MHz, 21.050 MHz and 28.050 MHz
  • HF SSB: 3.870 MHz, 7.270 MH z, 14.270 MHz, 21.370 MHz, 28.670 MHz
  • HF Digital: 3.582 MHz, 7.042 MHz, 14.072 MHz, 21.072 MHz, 28.122 MHz
  • VHF Simplex: 146.490 MHz

QSL Information:

All QSOs logged at the Special Events Station will be uploaded to Logbook of The World.
 ARRL will handle paper QSL's.

PACIFICON 2015 Follow Up

Randy Hall, K7AGE, prepared a video of our Special Event Station for Pacificon 2015, interviewing Rich Huisman, N6DQ, and showing the equipment setup. Rich and his team put together a 5-station multi-band system, all running full power, and on a single antenna! Rich describes how they did it.

See the video at W1AW/6 Pacificon Special Event Station - All On One Antenna.
(YouTube, approx. 4:35 minutes)