The QRP activities at Pacificon  continue this year with a full slate of activities.  They are sponsored by the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club, and Doug Hendricks is the QRP Chairman.  Please direct all inquiries about the QRP activities to Doug at the following email:  ki6ds1@gmail.com

This year's QRP Forum Speaker is Hiroki Kato, AH6CY, who will be speaking on vintage and modern Paraset radios.  Hiroki has had several articles published on the subject and is an informative and entertaining speaker.  Be sure to make his talk.

We will continue to have our open house on Friday and Saturday nights, plus we have added some more activities.  Friday night the room will open at 7 pm, and we will have something new this year.  We are going to have 3 QRP speakers give short, 25 minute talks.  Steve Smith will give a presentation and demo on how to use a noise bridge. He will demo the old faithful, Palomar Engineers noise bridge we all remember, the red one.  And he will also show us how to use the recent addition to the qrpguys.com lineup of kits, the K7QO noise bridge.  Mike Herr will be giving a talk on how to work satellites using two popular QRP radios, the KX3 and the FT817.  And Don Minkoff will talk on using QRP to do SOTA peaks, and his experience operating QRP portable in Italy.   Afterwards, we will have time for socializing and sharing some of the treasures that we have built the past year.

Saturday night, the QRP Auction returns with Doug Hendricks as auctioneer.  You may sell up to a limit of 3 items that must be QRP related, kinda.  After the auction, we will have a show and tell contest, featuring any kit or project that you have built in the year since last Pacificon.  There will be prizes for the best 3 items. See the Pacificon QRP Building contest section below for more information. Should be a lot of fun.

Finally, we want to have some QRP portable stations set up on the patio and operating during the day Saturday.  You must bring your own operating setup and there will not be any type of support from us.  You will have to bring your own chair and table if you need them, your rig, and antenna.  We want to show the world that we can set up and operate qrp and make contacts on the air.  I will be bringing my KX2 and plan on using an end fed random wire with a 9-1 balun.  Let me know if you are planning on operating.

So, here is the schedule:

* Hiroki Kato will be a regular forum speaker.

* Friday night open house with 3 QRP mini talks.

* Saturday night auction with building contest/show and tell.

* Saturday during the day set up and operate various QRP portable stations outdoors.

Pacificon QRP Building Contests
Friday Night
This year we have a little wrinkle to throw in.  The California QRP Club would like to announce their first annual Pacificon Building Contest.  This year the project is a QRP Antenna Switch built in an Altoids tin.  Altoids Antenna Switch (AAS).   The judging will be Friday night at the QRP hospitality room.   Prize will be awarded for best in show.  Don't miss this chance to bask in the praise of your fellow qrpers then listen to them tell you a better way to do it.

Saturday Night
We are going to build a Colpitts Oscillator, then we are going to see who can adjust theirs to exactly 7.030 MHz.  I will have the "Standard Frequency Counter"  What the builder's challenge will be is to bring his or her project to me.  We will measure the frequency in trial one.  You will go back to your area and measure the frequency on your counter.  Now you will know the offset, or correction between the two counters.  Let's say you measure 7.0321 on the standard.  You go back and measure 7.0315 on your counter.  You have an offset or correction of +600 Hz.  So you need to set your oscillator to read 7.0294 and you will agree with the "standard" when you do your second measurement.  You only get one calibration measurement, and one final measurement.  I am including the schematic here for you.  You may build it any style you want, manhattan, ugly, muppet, vero board, whatever.  You can even layout a board.  I will bring a few parts kits with me to Pacificon and will have them with me.  If you need one, see me there, then go to the Pacificon Building booth and build your circuit there.  Plus, if you need a 7.030 crystal, go ahead and build your circuit at home, bring it to Pacificon, and I will supply the crystal.

 The judging will be Saturday night after the Auction. 

 Please let me know if you plan to enter with an email to ki6ds1@gmail.com

We are looking forward to seeing you there.  If you have questions, please contact the Pacificon QRP Chairman, Doug Hendricks.  The email address is: