Parachute Mobile

Parachute Mobile will conduct a jump mission on
Saturday, October 21st
during Pacificon 2017.

Parachute Mobile is a unique way of combining two great hobbies; skydiving and amateur radio. Since 2009, we have conducted 28 missions where a skydiver will open his parachute right away and make as many contacts as possible while descending back to the ground.  Our skydivers will jump from 13,500 feet.  The Drop Zone will be at Byron Airport where we have had great success in the past.

We also add APRS and live streaming ground and air-to-ground video so you can watch the action unfold.  Come by our table and check out what we’ve been doing. We’ll have monitors to view the live feeds and possibly a GOTA station so you can make a contact, or tune to 146.430 MHz simplex to make a contact.  We hope to make at least four jumps.

QSTs regarding jump times will be announced on 146.430 simplex.  You can also go by the Parachute Mobile table for ETJ (Estimated Time of Jump) updates.

APRS data will load live on under the calls AF6IM and KC6TYD depending on which jumper is aloft.
Go to to watch all the action take place.

QSO’s will be on 146.430 simplex FM.

Hams and their friends and family are welcome to visit the operation at the Drop Zone.  Find directions at

Go to for more up to date information.