Announcements and Updates

PDF version of both the forum schedule and the vendor layout diagram are now available for download on their respective pages.

We've had some changes to our Vendor list. See the updated List of Vendors and plan your visits to them.

A new vendor is joining us at Pacificon; Expert Electronics NSI Communications. Be sure to check them out on our Vendors page, see their web site and visit their booth.

Saturday Forums Schedule Change:
The two forums on Multimode Digital Voice, by im Mclaughlin; KI6ZUM, & Jim Moen, K6JM, have been combined into one forum, at 9:20-10:30 in Pleasanton/ Danville .
Also: A new forum has been added in the same time slot, in Salon F: What do you mean I can't do it?, by Barry Bettman, K6ST.
See the details on our Forums Schedule page.

A number of updates have been made to the Weekend Overview Schedule. Please review that page again for the latest.

The Forums Schedule is now Live!! Check out who's speaking at when on the Schedule-Forums page.

The Antenna Seminar page has been updated with all the speakers and their topics. Check them on the Antenna Seminar page.

A new QRP page has been added. See the details on what the QRP group will be doing at Pacificon on the QRP page.

The Boy Scouts' web page for Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) & Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) is on the web site now. Get the details on their Pacificon activities on the Boy Scouts page.

Parachute Mobile is returning to Pacificon! See the details on our Parachute Mobile page.

The Vendor List is Updated. Check out all the world-class companies that will be on display at Pacificon.

The USS Hornet Museum F-8 Crusader Cockpit Section will again be on display at Pacificon! Saturday only. Be sure to check it out. See the Hornet F-8 Cockpit web page for details.

Remember, the special Pacificon rate for hotel rooms expires on Sept. 20, only a month away. But keep in mind that we may sell out of our allocated block of rooms before that. Rooms are gong faster than usual this year. The hotel has graciously accommodated our requests to expand our room block so far, but may not be able to again. So get your reservation in soon. See our Hotel Registration page.

Our Forums chair is adjusting our forums scheduling somewhat this year, in an effort to relieve the hallway crowds and rush to get to the next forum. He's adding 10 minutes to each forum period, and adding a 10 minute gap between forums. This will give our speakers a few extra minutes to wind up their presentations; and give the attendees time to get to the next forum without having to leave one early or arrive at the next one late. Of course, this means there will be slightly fewer forums. Making these adjustments is why it's taking longer than usual to get our forum schedule posted on the web site. We hope to have it up soon.

The Bay Area SATERN net, held weekly on the MDARC repeater system, is the best attended SATERN net in the world! Thankx in part to this success, we'll have a special guest this year at Pacificon. Bill Feist, WB8BZH, and National SATERN Liaison for The Salvation Army, will be with us for the weekend, giving two presentations. See the details on our SATERN page.

Planning to become an ARRL ARES member? In the East Bay Section, one of the requirements is to pass the ARRL EC-101 EmComm Exam. Study up and get ready to take the exam at Pacificon. See the EmComm Exam page for details.

Our Banquet this year will have two very special speakers. Rick Roderick, K5UR and new President of ARRL; and Carole Perry, WB2MGP
Board Member and Youth Activities Committee Chair of the Radio Club of America. See the details on our Banquet page.

Don't miss the MDARC Open Meeting Friday night
, Oct. 20 in Salon E. Our speaker will David Witkowski, W6DTW, on the topic "Making Maker Faires Work". David is well known in both the ham and maker faire worlds. He published an article on maker faires and ham radio in the January, 2017 edition of QST. See the details of our meeting and David's presentation on our MDARC Open Meeting page. Everyone is welcome, member or not. A cash sales dinner will be available before and during the meeting.

Our brochure is ready to go. Download it at the link below and give copies to your friends and neighbors.

Bob Heil and Gordon West are back again this year! Two of the best known hams in the hobby. Don't miss their presentations.


The Pacificon web site is live! But it will be updated frequently, so keep checking back.