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Platero y yo

You can access the entire collection of <<Platero y yo>> at this site from Project Gutenberg.  It includes comprehension questions.  Keep in mind that the author utilizes poetic language in the vignettes. 

Here's some additional information from the Teacher's Resource Binder to help you: 

"Platero is a small but sturdy donkey who is much loved by his owner. He is described as being soft as cotton, with eyes like black crystals. He enjoys smelling flowers in the fields, and he comes when his name is called. On Sundays his owner rides him around the outskirts of town, where passersby admire the donkey’s strength."

Platero plays with a dog and an old gray goat. The dog pretends to bite Platero’s muzzle, and Platero makes the dog spin with a mock attack. The children are delighted with the donkey’s patience and unpredictability, and in the valley the hills resound with laughter, braying, barking, and the tinkling of bells."

"El canario vuela
One day a green canary escapes from his cage and flies about the field, watched by Platero and a crowd of children. In the late afternoon the canary comes to roost on the roof of the house, and then slips back into his cage.The children are ecstatic, and Platero, catching their enthusiasm, dances on his hind feet."

"Idilio de abril
One day some children take Platero to a small stream.When they return they are wet from a passing shower, and Platero brays tenderly as he carries a load of wet flowers. He turns his head and bites off a flower now and then, and his owner wishes he could be like Platero, eating flowers and not suffering. In the evening, the setting sun is reflected in Platero’s eyes."

You "should realize that Platero y yo is often considered a 'prose poem' because of Jiménez’s poetic use of language and rich imagery. The focus of the book is on the bonds that have developed between a man and his animal companion."
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