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Spanish 3

Suggestions for Successful Language Study:
  1. Review a little bit each day.
  2. Take organized and thoughtful notes. Use a highlighter to highlight English and Spanish words. Use one color for each language and be consistent.
  3. Be a risk taker. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be creative in your language usage and resist perfectionist tendencies.
  4. Take every opportunity to read, hear, and speak Spanish. Go to authentic Hispanic restaurants, festivals, watch movies and tv (especially the news), read local Spanish speaking newspapers or magazines, etc. Become friends with Spanish speakers.
  5. Use 3x5 index cards as flash cards to help you study and learn the vast amount of vocabulary words.  Or use an app on your phone to help you.
  6. Do not use online translators. It is obvious and will not help you learn. It is a form of plagiarism.

Type in Spanish easily with this resource.  (Thanks ZF!)

Use your online text for the activities that go along with the text.  
Be sure to keep track of the User Name and Password that I gave you for your text.
You can make flashcards (to print or to practice online) and practice the vocabulary with games and other activities  You can also search for existing flashcards and use ones that are already made.  You can also make flashcards at and print them.  I hope these sites help!
To take an online quiz at Classmarker, log-in with the user name and password that I gave you.  Follow the directions and do your best.  To take an online quiz at Quia, log in to your account that you set up.  Buena suerte.
Check out some neat templates that you can use to create Power Point games.  You can also create word puzzles.

Here's the site for Prezi presentation.

Another neat site for different presentations is SlideRocket.


You can explore a variety of Spanish resources