Fall 2018 Sports Registration: Cross Country, Soccer and Girls Volleyball   
Health Forms due July 19, 2018 - to the ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE
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Now accepting Athletic Physicals and/or Health History Update Forms. Please submit proper documentation.
All Athletic Physicals and Health History Updates must be delivered to the Assistant Principals Office (See chart below for deadlines)
All Code of Conduct Packets must be delivered to the Assistant Principals Office (See chart below for deadlines)

Athletic Physical Packet: Click to Download or Print
Returning Athletes: Last Athletic Physical is less then 365 days from November 15 (Bowling) or November 20 (Basketball), 2016 - Click here to Download or Print the Health History Update
Code of Conduct Packet: Click to Download or Print

Effective September 1, 2014: "Janet's Law"
For important information regarding Student Cardiac Health and Law go here.
The SCD flyer can also be downloaded here.

Welcome to the Morris County School of Technology Sports Web Site
Home of the MCST Devils!
MCST Athletics Program Philosophy: It is the intent and desire of the Morris County School of Technology Board of Education to provide an athletics program that is consistent with district goals and objectives.  Therefore, every phase of the program is designed to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of high school students.  Lessons in sportsmanship, character development, teamwork, leadership, and competition are integral parts of the program.
Athletic participation plays an important role in helping students develop a healthy self-concept and a healthy body.  Athletic competition also improves school spirit and helps students develop pride in their school.  Athletes are the role model for the school as exemplified through their commitment to citizenship, the community, and their education.
We at MCST invite you to join our team... and embrace the spirit!

Deadline Date for Athletic Programs



2018 Fall Season

Boys/Girls Cross Country

Boys/Girls Soccer

Girls Volleyball


July 19, 2018: All Forms Due


2018 Winter Season

Boys/Girls Basketball

Coed Bowling

October 30, 2018: All Forms Due


2019 Spring Season



Coed Golf


February 9, 2019: All Forms Due