Tech Help

    Are you having trouble with one of the technologies that you're using in class? Or maybe you just need some directions on how to complete something.

    First, look through the LMC Youtube Channel for the answer.  Still cannot figure it out?  Contact Miss Castellano for tech support:

Technology Archive

Capture Screenshots & Screencasts
  • Screenr -- Easily create screencasts without downloading software.
  • Jing -- Similar to Screenr, this is a screencasting tool that allows you to record what is happening on your computer monitor and narrate it at the same time.
  • Screencast-O-Matic -- One-click screen capture recording on Windows or Mac computers with no install and for Free!
  • Awesome Screenshot -- is a great Chrome and Safari browser extension for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots. Once you've installed Awesome Screenshot you can simply activate it from your browser to capture a page or region on a page, draw boxes, draw lines, blur out information, and add text to your screenshot.
  • Szoter -- is a free online tool for annotating images that are stored on your computer. You can also use Szoter to capture and annotate screenshots.

Create Stories
  • Zoo Burst -- An online tool that allows you to easily create digital pop-up books. The free version has a 10 page limit and you cannot voice record for narration, but you can add your own images!

  • Make Beliefs Comix -- Build your own quick and easy comic strip with 2-4 panels and pre-made characters.
  • Story Maker -- Create your own animated, digital story book. There are limitations to this tool because the actions, emotions, characters, etc. are already you can only create what they have available.
  • Story Jumper -- Recommend, create, and publish your own stories.

Interactive Images
  • ThingLink -- ThingLink allows users to take images/pictures and add "Interactive Points".  These points can have text blurbs, links to other sites or articles, and videos. This will be especially perfect for adding cultural, geographical, and other information for Maps.

Online Bookmarking
  • Delicious -- An online bookmarking tool which can help you remember all of your favorite websites from anywhere, and share them with others.
  • Scrible -- is a new service offering a nice set of tools for highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking webpages.
  • Sqworl -- is an online bookmarking tool that saves a screen capture of each page you bookmark. To help you organize your bookmarks, you can create multiple groups of bookmarks in your Sqworl account.

Online Flashcards/ Quizes
  • Kuizza -- Kuizza is an online flashcard and quiz maker. This free service offers a simple way to create multiple choice quizzes. The quizzes can have questions with single or multiple correct answers. Any quiz that you create can instantly be viewed as a set of flashcards by simply clicking the "flashcards" button displayed along with each quiz.
  • Card Kiwi -- Card Kiwi allows users to to create online flash cards.  Card Kiwi's appeal is in its simplicity. Flashcards on Card Kiwi are text only. As you flip through your flashcards you rate your understanding by simply clicking thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs sideways. Card Kiwi will show you the cards that you rate with a thumbs down or thumbs sideways more often than the others until you're using the thumbs up on every card in your set.

  • PDF Mergy -- PDF Mergy allows users to merge already created pdfs into one big PDF file.
  • Anthologize -- Anthologize allows users to take their Wordpress Blogs and convert them to PDF format.
For more on converting PDFs into Word Docs in Google Drive, click here:  Click here

  • Prezi -- Prezi is a web 2.0 site that allows users to create animated presentations.  Prezi provides users with an intricate zoom function, which allows them to zoom in and out of specific things, such as words and images.
  • Hello Slide -- Hello Slide allows users to create a presentation and along with voice over narration for each slide.

Word Cloud Generators
  • Wordle -- Decorative word cloud generator for posters, projects, and more.
  • Tagul -- is a free word cloud generator that offers the option to link every word in your word cloud to a Google search.
  • Word It Out -- creates word clouds out of any text that you paste into the word cloud generator.