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Ms. Naegele's 10th Grade English

Reminders / Hints:
  • Use the LMC's Encyclopedia Brittanica database to research your foundation information and basic biographical information.
  • If you have Video Player Issues in Glogster, remember that the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the player will hyperlink you directly to your video (also good for finding citations).
  • In order to cite an image in your Glog, you must leave Glogster and search for the image again in Google...then don't forget to get the original source's URL.
  • To avoid presentation issues in Prezi, make sure you DOWNLOAD your Prezi as a portable file (Flash) onto a USB drive...present off the USB in class, not from your online Prezi account.
  • Unfortunately, Zamzar do longer rips videos from YouTube so this will be more of a challenge. Hyperlinking to your video will be another option.

Library Media Specialist's Resource Suggestions:

International News Websites:

        Database Links
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Ebsco 
  • Facts on File

Mr. Rosado

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