How do I submit a supply order?

Use the Google Doc supply catalog to find what is available.  The supply catalog is embedded below and it is also shared to your Google Drive.  Any item or price changes will be reflected on our shared document.

Email your order to,, or click on "submit supplies" on the MOT web page.

In your email, you will need to type the quantity, item number and a brief description of the item and color if needed.  

All teachers start the year with a $400 budget, of which $300 may be spent outside with a pre-approval through the office. Ink cartridges must be purchased using money from your $400 budget.

April 5th is the last day to turn in a Purchase Order or a Supply Order. You can turn in your Supply Order for the next year by June 4th to secure an on time delivery.

You will be able to find this information on the McSwain website under "Staff Resources"  The document itself can be found in your Google Drive under "Shared with me."

Thank you,

Lucyna Helms

Supply Catalog.docx