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Spatial Justice
Is the distribution of resources in Muscatine fair?

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in Muscatine  
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Triangle Treasure Hunt
Project Guidelines
Triangle Congruence Postulates and Theorems combine to create a treasure hunt using angles and sides.

Treasure Map

Test your geometry skills at Mrs. Wilson's Medieval Treasure Hunt!  Print the page below and use the directions to see if you can find where the treasure is buried.  Can you tell which triangle congruence postulates or theorems are being used?  Once you've mastered this one, you can create a hunt of your own.

Mrs. Wilson’s Medieval Treasure Map

Note that 1 step = 1 foot in real life = ¼ inch on the map

This treasure hunt requires 2 partners and a 16ft. rope

For steps 1-4, both partners should walk together.

1.     Begin at “A”, the dot next to the gate.  Face the castle.

2.     Take 10 steps forward so your path is perpendicular to the castle wall.

3.     Turn 135 degrees to your left.

4.     Walk 8 steps forward.  Label the spot you end up “B”.

5.     Partner 1 should stay at point B.  The Partner 2 should turn 45 degrees to the right and walk 14 steps on a path parallel to the fence.  Label the spot where Partner 2 ends “C”.

6.     Both partners turn to face the castle. 

7.     Partner 2 should turn 45 degrees to the right; Partner 1 should turn 45 degrees to the left.

8.     Both partners should begin walking forward at the same speed.  The place where they meet should be labeled “D”.

9.     Both partners walk towards the castle until they’re standing next to the castle wall.  Label this point “E”.

10. Partner 1 should stay at point E and take hold of the end of a rope that is 16 ft. long.  Partner 2 should walk away from the gate and extend this rope, pulling it straight.  Partner 2 should then stand so he/she is 5 feet away from the castle wall.  Label the point where Partner 2 ends as “F”.

The treasure is buried under point F!!

(Want to check your results?  Click here to see the answer key)

Proof Video

The second half of this project is to create a video to teach others how to do a triangle congruence proof.  One of the video options is a proof screencast like this one.


Combining geometric probability and transformations to create a game of skill