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i have a plan IOWA™

What is i have a plan IOWA?

Whoever you want to be...
Whatever you want to do...
Wherever you want to go...
You need a plan to make it happen.  The Iowa Guideways can help!

Get help planning for high school, college and your career.

1. Learn about yourself.
2. Find a career that is right for you.
3. Prepare for the ACT or SAT.
4. Explore Iowa's colleges and universities.
5. Apply for college admission.
6. Research financial aid and scholarship options.
7. Apply for State of Iowa scholarships and grants.
8. Track your activities online.

Coming Soon!

SIGN IN to your i have a plan IOWA account
(requires a username and password that you will create with your guidance counselor and/or the G/T Specialist)

Each grade level will have specific pathways and supports.