Academic Internships (AI)

The Academic Internship (AI) Coordinator, Mrs. Elizalde, is hard at work developing the framework for this exciting new opportunity at MHS.  Students identified as gifted/talented are eligible to design an internship experience through coordinated efforts of the AI Coordinator and the G/T Program.  The Internship Request Form will be the first step in finding a meaningful match with a mentor in each student's career interest area, followed by careful selection and training of community members for successful mentorship.  Though students will need to provide their own transportation to their internship sites and demonstrate a high level of autonomy, they can rest assured that they will be supported by both the AI Coordinator and the G/T Specialist for the duration of their experience.
As an added element for gt students, the G/T Specialist will work to offer information regarding local, national, and international competitions students may enter with their mentors' guidance.  Many authentic projects developed under the guidance of a mentor during an internship experience have led to scholarships and other accolades.
Click on the links below to begin the application process and to design independent study opportunities around the Academic Internship experience.

Academic elements for students interested in COURSE CREDIT may include:

  • Creating a resume
  • Conducting and/or participating in interviews
  • Developing project proposals
  • Designing and completing student/mentor project(s)
  • Reflecting via a student/mentor blog
  • Crafting a photo essay
  • Presenting final product(s) and sharing lessons learned 
  • Completing individually-tailored projects and course requirements
  • Participating in an Internship Seminar in May


AI Coordinator: Mrs. Elizalde
G/T Specialist: Mrs. Stewart
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