Oh the Places You'll Go!

The Dream Job!

A Career Project for CMS 8th graders

Here's the scenario:  The year is 2026, and you are now in your late 20's. You're coming back to CMS for your 10 year high school reunion.  You've gone through college, and you're several years into your career.  What will you be doing?  What is your dream job?  That is the task of this project.  You will explore what it's like to be a grown-up like Mr. Adams and Ms. Mills. 


The objective of this WebQuest is to help you find all the answers you need to map out your life for the next 15 years.  You'll need to choose a career, find a college, and find future job.  You'll need to find out how much it'll cost you to buy a house and pay for utilities.  This WebQuest does involve doing some calculations, but it's main purpose is to allow you to have fun dreaming of the future while realizing what these dreams may cost.