Mr. Rivera's - Digital Portfolio 8th Grade Social Studies

                    "When an old man dies you lose a library." Bernard Hahn - Muscatine, IA

GO  M.A.D.    (Make A Difference)


  • Welcome to a new year!
  • Exhibition Night - November 21, 2013
  • ... and more to come!
  • Reminder - students leave your cell phone in your locker off until the end of the day, unless given permission by teachers to use on class assignment.  If Mr. Rivera takes your cell phone, for using it without permission, the student will call their parent to have them come in after school to get pick it up. 

Language Arts/Social Studies (Humanities):
Dear Parents:

Our theme for this year's project is “Making A Difference”.  This is a curriculum built around the concept of project based learning.  We're looking for great things to happen in our classes at West Middle School.  You can visit the teachers websites to see what's new.