English Language Arts Curriculum

Elementary has just adopted the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys language arts curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade. Teachers utilize the balanced language arts program in a blended learning model of technology and curriculum materials. The program comes with resources to differentiate instruction and to address the essential components of English Language Arts program. You will notice Journeys provides a framework for teaching the pillars of a comprehensive reading program. They include: Phonological awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, and Writing. Along with materials for the teacher to use within the classroom Journeys provides online resources that may be accessed at school or at home through their ThinkCentral website. Students are provide and individual login to access these materials. Journeys provides an interactive website to engage the students in further learning. The language arts blocks are broken into areas of instruction, they include whole group, small group, and language arts. I will attach the the Balanced ELA curriculum guide for your reference. For more information please review the Journeys video

Secondary English and Languages

ELA 6-12

Since 2013, teachers from sixth through twelfth grade have been in the process of writing English Language Arts units following the Rigorous Curriculum Design Model by Larry Ainsworth. Using these research-based practices, standards-based units have been written, implemented, and revised throughout every grade. Each grade has a set of standards that will assess the students reading fictional skills, reading informational skills, writing skills, speaking and listening skills, and language and grammar skills. The standards will be assessed within four units at each grade level.  Each unit consists of assessments that will measure the learning of the standards. The link will provide information regarding middle school unit topics and the scope and sequence of standards covered at each grade level.

                                                                         English Language Arts Curriculum in Action