Block Class


  • Welcome to your Physical Science class!  We will cover many objectives this semester, and each objective will be guided by the cirriculum listed on the MDE website.  Feel free to click on the Weblinks tab on the left to navigate to that site.  Let the learning begin.


  • Your lessons will be entered daily and catagorized weekly.  I may not submit information ahead of may work more like a log each day.  This is due to the fact that I am using this website for the first time this semester.  
  • If you miss a day, you should be able to click for that week and see what we logged for the day at least by the end of THAT DAY. 


  • You will find a variety of web sites here containing tutorials, interactive reviews, or general information.  These will be grouped by subject.


  • You will need a spiral notebook that is 3-subject minimum.  A 5-subject notebook is preferred. 
  • This notebook is to be with you and out everyday!!
  • Always have a pencil or black or blue pen AND several back up pencils/pens.  Never be without your tools for learning.
  • Being unprepared one day due to some unforeseen occurance is understandable.  If you make being unprepared a habit, we will have to schedule a conference.  Simply take care of business, and you will succeed.

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