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All About Mrs. Meyer


I was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and then moved to Montreal, Canada.  I lived in Montreal until I was two with my mom and dad.  At the age of two, my family moved to Sydney, Australia.  Soon, my dad left my mom and we stayed in Australia until I was seven.  My mom remarried and we moved to the country to a place called Delakat.  We lived on the ranch by the Snowy River until I was nine and then we moved to Canberra, Australia so my mom could go back to university.  By the time I was ten, my mom and step dad got a divorce and I moved back to Newfoundland to live with my grandmother.  Soon, my mom moved back to St. John’s, Newfoundland and I lived there most of my high school years.


School Days

I attended a small one-room school house for kindergarten and first grade.  We even rode on horseback to school some days.  My favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Wells.  He stuck up for me when other kids were making me for talking with my Aussie accent.  My favorite subject in school was History.  I enjoyed school and graduated at sixteen years of age.


College Days

I attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina from 1987-1991.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education.  I graduated with a Masters in Education Administration from William Woods University in 2008.  I am currently attending classes to attain certification for gifted education from the University of Phoenix.



I became interested in being a teacher when I was in fifth grade and I started as a teaching assistant when I was sixteen.  After graduating from University, I worked as a program manager for eight special needs teenagers in a group home overseeing academic, social, and physical needs.  I have taught grades 1-5 throughout the past 10 years with seven years in upper elementary. 



I have a wonderful husband and two great children.  Our faith in God directs our path.  My husband is a sales representative and travels all over mid-Missouri.  He likes fishing, hunting and working in his woodshop.  My daughter, Charity, is in ninth grade and loves to play on the computer.  My son, Joshua, is in third grade and he plays the piano, wrestles and has his own chicken business.  We all love going to amusement parks, rafting and playing games.  We enjoy Science Fiction movies and Charity and I enjoy chic-flicks.