Welcome to our Pre-K class in room #111 at South Hill Elementary. 

If you didn't register to join the PTA during Fee/Registration Day, you still can!  It's only $5 and it makes a difference at our school. The PTA helps pay part of the costs for our field trips and many other important items for our students. 

When school is delayed, they may serve breakfast. However, since Pre-K goes to lunch at 10:45, we do not take the Pre-K students to breakfast on delay days (a 2 hour delay would mean we would go to breakfast at 10:15, then lunch at 10:45). Please provide breakfast at home for your Pre-K child on delay days or contact me.

I took a video of the class singing Jingle Bells, trying to share it...

Please check our "Homework & Objectives" page to see what we are working on this week. Check under "Pictures" to see photos from each month. 

We send the towels home at the end of the week (usually Friday) to be washed, so please send a fresh towel at the start of the week (usually Monday). Please remember to send a snack and drink each day for snack time, the school does not provide snacks. Please contact me if this is a hardship for your family, or if you have other concerns about snack time.

Important Dates
  • Jan 23 -5:30pm Comedy Show
  • Jan 26 - $1 Book Sale

Contact: call 447-8134 and leave a message, or email jwollenberg@mcpsweb.org

South Hill Elementary Mission Statement:

South Hill Elementary School believes that by fostering a positive learning environment, we empower everyone to achieve and succeed. Through teamwork, students and staff will be valued, supported, and challenged to reach their highest potential.