Welcome to Chase City Elementary P.E.


I am Brittany Bowman and this is my 16th year in Chase City Elementary. Also teaching PE is Kristyn Owen and this is her 1st year here at CCES.  We are returning with much enthusiasm and excitement! This year in physical education and health class students will be learning a variety of movement techniques, sports skills, and health and fitness concepts as well as how to interact with other while participating in the activities. Instruction will be guided by the Virginia physical education and health SOLs along with academic SOLs. Student grades will be based on activity participation, use of class time, skill performance, citizenship skills, and respecting property. Activity participation portion of the grade and the skill performance portion of the grade will be based on the student’s participation and performance on physical education activities. Below is a list of rules, rewards, and consequences that will help students be successful in physical education and health class. Please review the following with your child, and know that I believe in rewarding students as much as possible.


Rules for Success in P.E./Health

1. Respect · Treat others the way you want to be treated. · Listen quietly while someone else is talking. · Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

2. Follow Directions

3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

4. Clean up materials and equipment before you leave.

5. Always try your best.

6. Enter the gym quietly, sit in your teams, and wait for directions.

7. Stop, look and listen when you hear the whistle.

8. Handle equipment with care.

Student Rewards

1. Class of the month award

2. Student of the month award

3. P.E. Super Stars of the year award

Consequences (3 Strikes You’re Out!)

1. First time rule is broken- 1 strike (warning) -10 points off citizenship grade

2. Second time rule is broken- 2 strikes (warning) -20 points off citizenship grade

3. Third time rule is broken – 3 strikes (time out) - 30 points off citizenship grade

4. Fourth time rule is broken – time out - 40 points off citizenship grade

 5. Fifth time rule is broken- automatic referral to the office - 50 points of citizenship grade

* Please find out from your child’s classroom teacher which days your child has P.E. and make sure they are dressed in comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. Thank you for taking the time to review this information with your child. With your help I’m sure it will be a GREAT year!  We will encourage all students to be physically active during our class, as well as at home.  Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions or concerns.    Phone: (434) 372-4770      or     email:  bpasciuta@mcpsweb.org


Brittany Bowman

Physical Education & Health Teacher