Hi!! I'm Ms. Highland. I teach 6th grade Social Studies at Bluestone Middle School. We will be expanding on the history that you have learned in 4th and 5th grade to include our nation's history to 1865. I'm excited for you to be here! The best way that you can be successful in my class is to study, study and study some more! We will have tons of hands on activites and your notebook will be filled to the brim by April 30th. Check your homework page often to keep up with information. My webpage has great websites for you to visit and some great videos. If you should have any concerns, my email address is shighland@mcpsweb.org if a contact is needed. You may also call Bluestone Middle School at 434-372-3266.
"If you tell them, they forget."
"Show them, they remember"
"Involve them, they understand"
Field trip to Appomattox  May 30th
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