My Bio!

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Happy 2017/2018 School Year!  My name is Felicia Brodnax and it’s a pleasure to be teaching such a wonderful group of children as the self-contained resource classroom teacher for grades for grades K-5 at South Hill Elementary.

My educational background is the following:

·                    Southside Virginia Community College:  Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

·                    Old Dominion University:  Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Counseling and Psychology

·                    University of Phoenix:  Master’s Degree in Education 

    I have been a Special Education teacher since 2002 servicing students in various grades, disabilities, and learning environments.  Throughout my teaching experience, I’ve been blessed to teach students in the ECSE, middle school, and elementary level for inclusion, resource, and self-contained capacity.

My motto is “Every child matters.”  Teaching students is a two way street in regards that not only do teachers teach the children, the children also teach us!