Welcome to Pre-K!!

My  name is Susan Shomo.  I am married.  I have been teaching for 20 years in Pre-K.  I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and I am a licensed Governess. I have 2 very lovable pet birds. I look forward to meeting you. I am looking for a great year of learning and working with each of you. A big part of the habits of the heart and mind in my classroom is learning to get along with each other and with others in the school. I may be contacted at 434-447-8134 or by email sshomo@mcpsweb.org.  Let's have a GREAT year!!

MCPS Motto

C.O.M.P.A.S.S. -Committed to Our Mission: Preparing All Students for Success

 MCPS provide a 21st. century learning environment that fosters career literacy, academic enhancement, social-                                                                             emotional growth and community engagement that prepares                                                                   students who contribute to the gobal society.