Classroom Rules

  3rd Grade Classroom Rules

  1. Respect your teachers, classmates, and their property

    Below is a list of examples that do not show respect:

  • talking negatively to or about others

  • talking back or mumbling to the teacher

  • hitting or kicking others

  • negative facial expressions

  • disrespectful comments toward teachers and peers

  • stealing or touching property belonging to others

  1. Follow Directions

    Classroom rules and teacher directions should be followed at all times including the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, bathroom, specials, and CCC.

  2. Raise your hand before you speak

    Always raise your hand to get permission to ask questions or answer questions.

  3. Be prepared for class and ready to work

    Below is a list of examples of a student not prepared for class and not ready to work:

  • coming to class without homework

  • coming to class without supplies

  • talking unnecessarily

  • disrupting others

  • refusing to do classwork

  1. Use good manners in the classroom and throughout the school

    Using good manners includes saying “please”,”thank you” and “excuse me.”
    You are not using good manners if you:

  • don't tell a teacher or classmate thank you for helping you

  • don't say please when asking for something

  • don't say excuse me when you accidentally hit someone

  • are throwing or playing with your food at lunch

  1. Keep your area clean and organized

    Your area is not clean and organized if you:

  • have trash in and under your desk

  • can't find your notebooks or pencils



    1. Verbal Warning

    2. 5 minutes silent lunch

    3. 10 minutes off recess

    4. Note sent home

    5. Phone call home

    6. OFFICE