We are back at school and all ready to begin a new year.  Let's begin the new year with a positive attitude and focus on all the things we need to accomplish by the end of the year.  Spend lots of time reading and drilling your math facts.  With an "I CAN" attitude anything is possible.  Aim high!  You may contact me by e-mail or phone.  (gcarter@mcpsweb.org  /  434-372-4770)
  Mrs. Carter's Schedule
 7:45-8:15       Homeroom
 8:15-10:30      Reading
10:30-11:15     Flex
                         Monday - P.E.
                         Tuesday - Supplemental Reading
                         Wednesday - Supplemental Reading
                         Thursday - P.E.
                         Friday - Library 
11:15-11:45      First Grade Lunch Shift
11:55-12:55      Math
1:00-1:45          I/E
1:45-2:15          MFF (Math Fact Fluency) 
                         FRED (Free Reading Every Day)
2:15-3:00          Monday- Music
                         Tuesday- Art
                         Wednesday- ST Math
                         Thursday- Coding
                         Friday- Flex Day
3:00-3:25          Recess
3:35                  Dismissal