Keyboarding, Computer Solutions, & Computer Applications
It is a pleasure to have your child in my classroom.  I am confident that he/she will enjoy this educational journey.   My goal is to provide an environment where students learn technical skills and valuable lessons that will assist them throughout their educational and career journeys.

Mrs. C. Thompson
Course Descriptions:

Students will develop keyboarding skills such as entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic information using the touch method system.  Emphasis will be on the development of speed and accuracy, proper keyboarding techniques, and correct formatting of personal and business documents


Computer Solutions



Students will be introduced to the world of business using the computer as a problem-solving tool.  Emphasis is placed on using basic touch keyboarding skills to complete a variety of projects incorporating word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software.  


Computer Applications
Students will develop gain a basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics and telecommunications applications.  Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of computer concepts through application knowledge.



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