World History I Students:
Students are to follow the instructions posted on the chalk board for today.    Students are to look over their worksheets from class each day.  Students are to read over their notes from the spiral notebook each evening.

Mon:   Read pp. 4-10/ Study for Empire Map & Decagon Quizzes
Tue:     Read pp. 11-14
Wed:   Read pp. 15-19
Thu:    Study QODs 1-8 for quiz tomorrow and maps for map quiz
Fri  :     Re-read pp. 4-19 for Mon.
Western Civilization students: 
 Students are to read over their handouts and notes from the spiral notebook each evening. 

Mon:    Study for Empire Map & Decagon Quizzes for tomorrow
Tue:     Read pp. 32-39
Wed:    Read pp. 40-43
Thu:    Study QOD Quiz  1-8 Tomorrow/ review maps for map quiz tomorrow
Fri  :     Read pp. 44-48 for Mon.


Welcome to the 2011 - 2012  School Year!
Spring Schedule:
W. History I                                               Blocks 1 & 3
Western Civilization                               Block   4 

Is your son or daughter studying?  Ask yourself, "Did he/she bring their notebook or textbook home this evening?"

Helpful websites and video clips:

World History and Western Civilization websites for SOL review:


Both History classes: