And so it begins.... Read Across America Week!
These were our cats from last year. 
Coach Medley read to us during Read Across America Week. 
Our whole school got a hat; even the teachers! 
 Mrs. Pittard read to us on March 2!
Mrs. Pittard read 2 books. We enjoyed both of them!
 She did a great math activity after her book "10 Black Dots".
How many ways can we make 10....
 Lunch time, fun time!  Green eggs and ham were served by the Cat in the Hat(s)!!!
Mrs. Covington is sitting at the table and mixing up the green eggs. Yum!
 Mrs. Parshall and Mrs. Clark were our servers!
 Ashley and Cristofer are trying them...success!
 Some of our art work this week.  Love those whiskers.
Nice writing and nice picture. 
 4 square writing after we read "The Cat in the Hat".  Name the characters.
 Kyle is making a Hortan puppet.
Our Hortan puppets! 
 Mrs. Powell's 3rd grade class were our reading buddies! 
Park View Middle School came and read with us too!   

March Shenanigans! 
One of our lambs....
One of our lions.
The wind blew the rainbow so hard it fell apart!
What is a leprechaun????




When the winds of March begin to blow, it's time for kites you know!
We learned about wind.
Mrs. Metts, FFA sponsor from PVHS, Emily Whitby, and Brittany Cross bring animals to Buckhorn!!!