Kindergarten is the best place to bee!                                    

 Click on the link below and enjoy a wonderful back to school video!
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  Welcome to my website.  I have been teaching in Mecklenburg County Public Schools since 1987. I first taught in North Carolina.  I taught first grade there for 3 years. In Virginia, I taught second grade for one year. Then I moved to Kindergarten.  In 2000, I wanted a change, so I taught Pre-K for four years. But my love has always been Kindergarten and when the opportunity arose, I came back to it! 
    I am married and have two children. My oldest son is married and works at Dominion Power. He has blessed us with 3 grandchildren: Jordan, Hailee, and  Maci. They are a joy!  My daughter graduated from UVA. She is working as an oncology nurse at UNC Cancer hospital.  I am proud of both of my children.
    My husband Mark, works at Annin in South Boston. He is a wonderful husband and father.
Oh My! I almost forgot the other important members of our family!  Honey Bun  and Zoe and ZuZu. One lovable hound dog that found us, and two old cats from the SPCA years back. We love them like our babies!
    I am excited to be at Clarksville Elementary School teaching your child in kindergarten! Kindergarten has changed so much since I first began.  I still find that in order to achieve success with our children, we have to develop the whole child.  Therefore, I believe that all children need play time.  I mix developmental activities with the academics and will always do so.

Check often for updates and pictures!
This flag was created by artists at Annin which is a flag company my husband work.