Barons in College and Beyond


This page contains a list of former Bluestone Barons student-athletes who continued their athletic career.

If you know of a Baron graduate who’s name does not appear on this page and they participated in athletics beyond high school, please email BHS Director of Athletics: Edwin Crowder at


David Griffith, Ferrum Jr. College: Marshall University

Carl Sanford, University of South Carolina

Peter Davis ’65, University of North Carolina

George Beam ’71, University of Virginia

Chris Drozdovich ’76, Elon College

Charles Yuelle ‘77

David Crowder’73, Elon College

Donald Wade ’80, Virginia Tech

Junie Kursey ’80

Rainer Coleman ’81, Virginia Tech

Gerrard Luck ’84, Elon College

Jimmy Sydnor ’86, North Carolina State University

David Waldrep ’87, Ferrum College

Brent Toone ’89, Ferrum College

Jarade Brice ’99, Bridgewater

Stuart Card ’00, Wingate University

John Gregory ’00, Mars Hill

Wilbur Hargrove ’00, Marshall University

Ben Crowder ’06, Frostburg State University

Alison “Gregory” Yost '00 Averett University

Morgan Greene ’00, Randolph Macon Womens College

Amanda Lenhart Bowen '03 Averett University 

JoAnna Whitt ’05,  Averett University

Nate Reid '91 University of Richmond 1991-1995
Sam Ferguson, Averett College
Lane Hite '06, Radford University
Kachiri Terry, Southside Virginia Community College

Boys Basketball

Jerome Kersey ’80, Longwood University

Daryl Townes, ’89, St. Paul’s College
Sam Ferguson, Averett College
Rishawn Richardson, Southside Virginia Community College

Cordaro (CJ) Boyd, St. Paul’s College, Southside Virginia Community College

Girls Basketball

Carmille Barnette, ’87, Longwood University

April Bullock, Southside Virginia Community College



Doug Toombs ’79, Longwood University

Michael Tucker ’89, Longwood University

Kevin Coles ’03, Southside Virginia and Patrick Henry Community Colleges

Ryan Hairston, ’05, Danville Community College, Guilford College & Lenoir Rhyne College

Justin Tuck ’05, North Carolina Wesleyan

Tyler Reese ’05, Averett University

Brandon Madison ’07, Southside Virginia Community College

David Owen ’08, Southside Virginia Community College

Cody Wilson ’08, Patrick Henry Community College

Malcolm Miller ’09, Southside Virginia Community College

Derrick Hillard ’09, Danville Community College

Track & Field

Clyde Ireland, Cross Country, University of Maryland

Rodney Hargrove, Virginia Union University

MaTia Boyd, George Mason University

Mikki Griles Icenhour '97 Averett College
Crystal Chandler '99 Averett College
Katie Gregory ’07, Ferrum College

Nicole Hendrick ’08, Ferrum College

Hollie Crickenberger ’10 Lees McCray

Jenna DeSantis ’10, Louisburg College

Angelique Sturdifen '10  United States Naval Academy