Announcements around the State

Welcome from the Montana Local Masters Swimming Committee ("LMSC")!  

We are swimmers age 19 and up, and we are fitness swimmers, competitors, triathletes and lap swimmers.   
From our mission "To promote health, wellness, fitness, and competition for adults through swimming" to our vision "USMS will be the premier resource for adult aquatic fitness in the United States and will make fitness through swimming available for as many adults as possible" we're all about swimming for fun and fitness.  Visit the

Montana Swimmers - in an effort to improve communication for Masters swimmers both from your LMSC officers and your local swim groups we are implementing a website format that allows each workout group to update their own pages.  

If you are a coach or interested swimmer who would like to be in charge of your swim page, please contact Jeanne for the webpage access.  Each area's page offers great ways to connect to not only your swimmers, but also those who travel around the state and want to get in touch with you about your workouts or meets. 

Registration year 2017 is live!  To join online follow the   2017 USMS registration link.  You can contact our Registrar Audrey Wooding with any questions.  

For information from our Board of Directors, feel free to contact one of the officers.  The LMSC Board of Directors holds quarterly conference call meetings.  If you are interested in joining a call contact Montana Chair, Jeanne Ensign
Current Board officers are:

Chair, Jeanne Ensign
Vice Chair, Dick Weber
Secretary, Vacant
Treasurer, Keegan Witt

We have many volunteer positions, some ongoing, some for specific projects.  If you are interested in giving back to the sport of swimming this is a great opportunity!  If  interested please contact Jeanne.

Minutes from Montana Board meetings:  See the documents below by date of meeting. 

Member recognition - Congratulations to:
Rosanne Flann of Billings our Montana Masters Volunteer of the Year;  
Charlotte Sanddal - our Inspirational Swimmer 
Nicole Lindstrom - The IronWoman recognition for this year.