Elementary Curriculum Resources for Parents

Welcome to the elementary curriculum resources website for parents.  Here you will find marking period and course overview documents for reading and math for Kindergarten through Grade 5.  You will also find those documents for the new science curriculum in Grades 4 and 5.  

Montgomery County Public Schools elementary curriculum is called Curriculum 2.0.   Curriculum 2.0 is built around developing students' critical and creative thinking skills, as well as essential academic success skills, so that students are well prepared for a lifetime of learning.

The elementary curriculum ensures that students will receive robust, engaging instruction across all subjects in the early grades.  This is done by combining a focus on the core content areas of reading, writing, and mathematics, while also dedicating significant learning time to subjects such as the arts, information literacy, science, social studies and physical education.  By fully engaging students and teachers in this meaningful learning, a strong foundation will be built starting at the elementary level.