2018-2019 choral ensembles

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for 18-19 ensembles.

Chamber Singers 2018-2019

Soprano 1AltoTenorBass
Caitlyn ForteAbby EhrensteinBryan Calderon LemusFrancesco Berrett
Sarah DiCecelia DworakCarston PorterLuca Cannuscio
Audrey LiCourtney WilsonDhruv PaiPeter Zhang
Roshawyna ChambersEthan CoffinZaire Cooper
Soprano 2Sophia LeonessaJonah Nan
Sophia ChenVanessa Cruz
Fiona HaverlandVivian Nguyen
Eve Kuo
Izzy Sharp

Audition & placement information for Choral Ensembles – School Year 2018-2019

Updated May 29, 2018

ALL interested students must register here in order to receive audition updates!  


All auditions will take place at Montgomery Blair HS in Room 016 unless otherwise indicated.  No audition is necessary for Chorus 1A/B.

For Chorus 2A/2B, you just need a recommendation from your most recent chorus director.  Have him or her e-mail Mrs. Hernandez-Cata at isabel_hernandez-cata@mcpsmd.org  Alternatively, you may complete an individual vocal audition similar to the ones described below for Show Choir and/or Chamber Singers.

Show Choir:

·      Individual Vocal Audition by appointment (or after dance audition for new students):

·      Sing a brief vocal solo in a pop, broadway, jazz, gospel, country or R&B style.  You may bring recorded accompaniment (on your phone or on a CD), accompany yourself, bring piano music for Miss H-C, or sing a cappella

·      DANCE audition 

·      you only need to go to one of dance workshops, but you are welcome to attend more if you'd like more practice before you perform the routine for your audition.

Dance workshops will be held at the following times:  

        Wednesday, 5/30; 2:30-4:30pm

        Friday, 6/1; 2:30-4:30pm

        Wednesday, 6/6; 2:30-4:30pm

You do not need to attend an entire workshop, but you should plan to stay long enough to learn a brief dance routine which you will perform to demonstrate stage presence, expressiveness, and basic dancing ability.  If you are an experienced dancer, you will have opportunity to show off any specific dance or tumbling skills you have (this is optional, but if you wish to take this option you can also bring your own music).  Auditions are rolling and you may decide to take an hour to learn the audition routine or if you are a quick study, though some folks are in and out in less.


Honors Chamber Singers (3-part audition):

1.  Return signed contract  (available for download at the bottom of this page)

2.  Individual Vocal Audition (by appointment)

·      Range check/vocalises.

·      Sing a very brief vocal solo (unaccompanied, can be from a choral piece previously performed).

·      Perform some melodic and rhythmic sight reading passages as well as some pitch matching exercises to assess aural skills.

3.  Ensemble Auditions (to assess blend, part independence, and intonation)

·      Each prospective Chamber Singer must attend at least one of the lunch sessions.

They will be during periods 5&6 on Wednesday, June 6th, and Thursday, June 7th Students transferring from another school should contact Ms. H-C make an appointment for an alternate time to complete both parts of the audition.

·      Punctuality is highly encouraged, so please bring a bag lunch if possible.

·      Students will sing their part of In These Delightful Pleasant Groves by Henry Purcell (available for download at the bottom of this page).  

        STOP before the "let's pipe" section!

Copies of the selection & contracts will be available outside Room 016 as well.

Questions?  Contact Miss H-C.

Room 016, isabel_hernandez-cata@mcpsmd.org or 301-649-2839

        On Remind app:  Ms. Hernandez-Cata

         On Twitter: @mshcmusic

VERY IMPORTANT – DON’T LOSE your music class TO A SCHEDULE CONFLICT! Because of clarification we received from MCPS Rockville, students should be able to postpone taking two courses that have often created schedule conflicts in prior years, which forced students to drop music classes for one or two semesters. 

HEALTH: Students may “…take the course in Grade 10 or later than Grade 10—possibly online during the school years when they are enrolled in 10, 11, or 12. Note that only one section of online Health is offered each spring, with priority enrollment for seniors; a limited number of slots are available to underclassmen each spring. After Grade 9, students also may take Health in summer school or online during the summer.” 

FOUNDATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY: “While Foundations of Technology has been designed as a Grade 9 course, the course bulletin shows that the course can be taken in Grades 9-12. It also is available online during the summer as early as the summer before Grade 9.” ****If the correct music class does not appear on your schedule, YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR COUNSELOR AS SOON AS YOU DISCOVER THE PROBLEM (EVEN OVER THE SUMMER) TO CHANGE YOUR SCHEDULE.
Ms. Hernandez-Cata,
May 30, 2018, 12:36 PM
Ms. Hernandez-Cata,
May 29, 2018, 11:16 AM