Running parallel tasks as a web app

Up till now we've been dealing with running this stuff as a sidebar on  spreadsheet.

Now we'll take the example in Parallel implementation and getting started - doing some cryptography exercises in parallel and run it as a web app.  You could add a bunch of parameters to this - even passing an entire profile as a parameter, but for simplicity we'll just set up a default profile and use that. 

I'm going to use  the same script as I used in Parallel implementation and getting started, but add a doGet() function to handle the webapp functionality, and publish it. It's just a few lines.

function doGet(e) {

  return worker (cryptoProfile(25,false));    

function worker (profile) {

  var htmlName = 'asyncService';
  var html = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile(htmlName)

  html += "<script>\n" + 
        "doSomeThings( " +
          JSON.stringify(profile) +
  return  HtmlService.createTemplate(html).evaluate()

As you've been reading this, I've been running a bunch of parallel cryptographic tasks in the Apps Script cloud. See below for progress. You'll see that we got through about 1 minutes worth of work in about 20 seconds.


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