xml feeds and blister lists

Once you are referencing lists as custom functions or with the blister API, you can forget about how the data got there. I've already covered Fusion and blister lists , Setting up blister lists from a Spreadsheet and Using the API to manage lists. Here's another variation. In this case we'll take the billboard top 100, and we'll set up a trigger to refresh it every day. 

Displaying the list in a sheet.

It ends up looking like this (I get the list by using these custom functions)

=blisterHeadings("blister.blister.billboardhot100") and

to get something that starts like this.

Creating the blister list

Just like in Fusion and blister lists this is a one liner. Of course you don't have to do anything, since it's done automatically, but here's the code behind if you are interested.

API code

Here's the code creating a blister from an xml feed. It might need some tweaks but this should be a good basis

Setting up the trigger

Just set up a daily trigger as below, and anyone using the blister for billboard will get an new list each day

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