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Equitrac: Printer Management Software

  • Timeline:
    • Thursday morning, May 9th, the Tech Department will distribute proximity cards starting at 7:30 and show you how to use them as the copiers come on line.  Please stop by the workroom to pick yours up.  
    • We will convert each copier in turn, so there will be short periods when a specific copy is not available, but the other two should be.
  • Benefits:
    • Simplified Printing: Send the job to the Secure Copier and walk up to the copier of your choice and release the job with your proximity card.
    • Truly secure and confidential printing: Only your proximity card can release your print jobs
    • More efficient: Print jobs with mistakes can be deleted before they are printed.
    • Less Frustrating: Your print jobs will no longer be interrupted by or interspersed with other print jobs.
  • Impacts:
    • Laser Printers will be limited to 10 pages per print job, so large student documents may need to be split over multiple jobs.  Large staff documents should go to a copier.
    • Proximity card (or Active Directory Logon) needed to release print jobs or make copies
      • If you forget your card, you can still log into the copier with your computer logon.
      • If lose your card, please submit a Helpdesk ticket for a new one.  You will need it next fall to get into your building.

As you know, the district contracted with Gordon Flesch last year to lease copiers at a substantially reduced per print cost, with the goal to not only reduce cost but also to make our printing more efficient.  The codes that you are using for the walk up copiers have helped, but we are still not accounting for all of the other print jobs coming from a computer.  Besides being one more thing to remember, this setup is also causing problems. Right now when we walk up to a copier, we put in our code and make our copies, but if someone happens to print to that copier, it may supersede our job or be interspersed.  Once we get your building onto our new software, called Equitrac, you will have a proximity card that let you log into the copier directly, without needing a code.  You will be able to print to a secure print queue, so that you can walk up to any copier to release your print job.  How many times have you printed a large job, only to realize you have a mistake that needs to be corrected before you hand it out?  With the secure print queue, you would delete or ignore the job (they disappear after 24 hours), fix the mistake and reprint.  The job only comes out when you walk up to a copier and release it, so you can print confidential or private documents to a copier, because you are the only one that can retrieve them.

I know in the past, secure printing was confusing and required a bunch of setup.  Now, you will simply chose the Secure Copier in your printers and send the job to it.

Because it is much cheaper to print to the copier, we are going to restrict jobs send to the laser printers to 10 pages or less.  This will impact students, also, but in talking with teachers, it is rare that a student would need to print a job with more than 10 pages.  Of course, if they needed to, they could split the print job into multiple jobs.

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