Program Registration FAQs

Q:  What programs do you offer?
A:  American Red Cross--Learn to Swim, levels 0-5; Swim Team Prep; Youth Endurance Swim (YES); Adult Lessons (FAST); Springboard Diving; Masters; American Red Cross Lifeguard Training (a few times per year). 

Q:  Can I register online?

A:  To register for programs, you must register in person at the MCPA Indoor Pool during open pool hours. 

Q: What is the difference between "priority registration" and "open registration?" 

A: Priority registration is for Middleton-Cross Plains School District residents AND current swimming lesson/program participants. Open registration is for everyone else: non-residents and those who are new to our swimming lessons/other programs. 

Q:  Can I pay with a credit card?
A:  Sorry, only cash and checks.  

Q:  I'm registering late, can I get a discount?
A:  No.  With rosters being made ahead of time it is difficult for us to add another student, so
there's actually a $5 late fee.

Q:  Can I get a refund?
A:  Generally, no.  Refunds are only given with a written Medical excuse.  Please speak with our Pool Manager if you're requesting a refund.

Q:  When can I register?
A:  Click on your desired class' link in the navigation box on the left of your screen for registration and session dates.   

Q:  What is the cost?
A:  $35-90, depending on the program and your address (MCPA residents pay less, and MCPA Pool members pay the least!)

Q:  We missed a class, can we make it up?
A:  Please speak with the instructor to see if he or she can accommodate your child for a make up lesson.

**Don't see your question answered?  Check out your program's page (navigation box!) for additional information, or email Katie at