Course Description

Each one of us comes to this classroom embracing a wide range of intentions and expectations.  Hopefully we will make the semester’s journey together a rewarding one and an inclusive experience for all.  We all come from different backgrounds and perspectives.  Our individual stories are unique and meaningful.  Hopefully, our stories will help deepen and liven up our classroom conversations, as well as foster positive classroom energy.  For those of you who need to fulfill the Health graduation requirement some supplemental or alternative work may be required.  For others who chose this course as an elective, you will have a significant amount of time to delve into personalized learning projects and Personal Wellness-REM class activities.  

Mindfulness exercises will also be threaded through the course.  These exercises will hopefully offer students a time and place to accept their worlds through a slower pace and more meaningful lens.  As we try some mindfulness exercises, we will look scientific research that highlights the positive physical, social, emotional and physiological effects of mindfulness practices.


  • walk through various components of wellness with a focus on personal control over the choices and behaviors we make

  • dedicated time to personalized learning projects; using 20% Time structure to allow students to dive deeply into wellness projects that reflect personal choice, value and curiosity

  • identify current health topics and trends

  • discuss reasons why people do what they do as risk their health and wellness when warnings and data exist

  • look carefully and analytically at valid health sources to discuss current health and wellness topics and the value of scientific research for for personal, community and global  health concerns

  • take time to explore the triad of Rest and Mindfulness, Eating habits and Movement choices

  • become familiar with Dimensions of Health and Wellness, as well as Life Balance

  • dedicate time to Mindfulness practices and explore the Learning to Breathe mindfulness curriculum

  • Stress Management, Resilience, Stages of Change in relation to addictive behaviors, Hierarchy of Needs, Nutrition analysis, and a weekly REM log (four weeks in duration) will also be components of our course